We work since 2005 in this sector, always guaranteeing the best quality for our customers, from when the details come into the business until they are delivered.

We control inbound pieces, alerting customers of any defect, advising on the best restoration and finishing techniques.

Our facilities allow us to control the details throughout all stages of the process, allowing immediate identification of pre-existing defects or the presence of alloys (where recognizable) different from those stated in the drawings that accompany the parts.

The Remet group’s laboratories, thanks to their 50-year experience in the field of metallurgy, allow us to fully control metallographic control of both raw and processed material, allowing us to advise the upstream customer on the choice of alloys and treatments most suitable for his needs, and downstream in solving the problems encountered, even with other treatments.

A constant (both internal and external) control of all treatment tanks and the possibility of instantaneous verification of the details in the machining process allows us to produce an oxide with the best and the same properties over time as well as to provide a thickness tolerant to the customer Even very narrow.

Thanks to the availability of three plants of various sizes (1500 mm to 3500 mm), of which one is automatic and specialized operators, we can offer our customers also customized options; From machining large series to small batches or very complex details requiring special attention and solutions: high thicknesses (100-150 μm when allowed), treatment protections, buffer pads during operation etc …