G.H.A. Europe® was born in Zola Predosa, Bologna, and here it built two of its three plants, in addition to its legal and administrative headquarters.

  • PLANT 1: Tank capacity 1450x800x800. A small, versatile system that allows the production of oxide on even more demanding details, ensuring direct and immediate control by qualified operators, providing specific dedicated solutions (3 oxidation tanks)
  • PLANT 2: Tank capacity 2000x600x1100. The second size plant is born from the need to increase the production and processing of larger parts. Manual installation that allows direct control of the details, ensuring thicknesses with very limited tolerances. (2 oxidation tanks)


In 2017 a new production site of G.H.A. Europe® in the Marche region, more precisely in Fossombrone, in the center of the Metauro valley.

  • PLANT 3: Tank capacity 3500x800x1300. The latest generation automation system for large series production and the handling of even large parts (3 oxidation tanks)