Delivery time and emergency

For medium-sized supplies (less than about two standard pallets) we can guarantee the treatment within 4-5 business days of receipt of the material, excluding complications not caused by G.H.A. Europe®. Exceptions are the treatment of anodic half-cored oxidation, which is usually performed only on Monday morning, so the material it needs for this treatment can not be ready before that day.

In case the client needs to return in less time, you can request urgent treatment by adding a supplement to the total price:

Delivery within 48h: + 15%;

Delivery within 24h: + 25%;

Delivery in the day (from morning to evening or afternoon to morning): + 40%.

The minimum amount of the emergency supplement is € 45.00 + taxes. It may vary if the details in question will be particularly critical.

The urgent request must be made by clearly indicating on the DDT the requested delivery date (and time) and possibly by telephone to alert the incoming material.

It is not said that it is always possible to carry out the treatment with the urgency required, in which case G.H.A. Europe® will contact the customer immediately to agree another delivery date.

It is also advisable to consider shipping times, which in the case of large carriers such as GLS, BRT, DHL, UPS, etc … generally exceed 24 hours after the withdrawal. Withdrawals with these vectors must be booked by 12:00 pm on the day of delivery and the material must be withdrawn by h 14:30 on the same day.

G.H.A. Europe® can arrange retreats and deliveries both nationally and internationally through the GLS, BRT, DHL and UPS vectors, with which it is subscribed.