All the details treated with anodic oxidation, and consequently with GHA® technology, are sensitive to excessively acidic or basic pH, it is therefore recommended to clean the affected areas with preferably neutral or average aggressive washing, whose pH is within a range of 4 To 8.5.

Not recommended:

  • Wash with excessively basic components (Ph> 8), especially when applied to temperatures above the room temperature
  • Wash with excessively acidic components (pH <4), especially when applied at temperatures above room temperature

G.H.A.® is an antibacterial treatment (bactericidal action), therefore it does not need any particularly aggressive cleansing on its surface, to sanitize parts for food or pharmaceutical contact.

The good anti-adhesion of G.H.A.® facilitates the removal of dirt and deposits, allowing effective cleaning even with low aggressive washing or using abrasive cloths (such as sponges and kitchen towels).


  • Wash with demineralized water is also carried out with high pressure and temperature high pressure cleaners
  • Wash with steam
  • Wash with average aggressive detergents with a pH between 4 and 8.5
  • Wash with solvents (acetone, alcohols)

The company G.H.A. Europe® offers advice on the type of washing and cleaning products to be used depending on the needs of the customer by carrying out targeted laboratory tests, if necessary, and also making it available to formulate dedicated solutions in collaboration with producer companies.