As already stated in the specific section, G.H.A.® treatment has important antibacterial properties, as highlighted by the results of biological analyses carried out in Japan and Italy. You can request the relevant documentation through the Contacts section.


G.H.A.® treatment, as well as normal anodic oxidation, is a treatment suitable for food contact. It should be pointed out that this technology involves a transformation of the aluminium substrate, not its coating through covering, and as such the treated surface preserves the characteristics of the base metal. It is important therefore that the material used to make parts subjected to food contact is also suitable for food contact.

Aluminium-food regulations

You can ask for the declaration of conformity to FDA regulations through the Contacts section.


G.H.A.® Europe is also a company that manufactures pans and households, so it also had to execute the transfer tests on G.H.A.® treatment because of the related food contact. These certifications were obtained by CSI laboratories (Milan, italy) and they show that the transfer of Aluminum and Silver is well below the legal acceptance limits (the amount of transfered Silver is even lower than the instrument detection limit). Test Report.