About us

The Company G.H.A. was born in 2004 within the Remet group, a Bolognese company that has been present on the market since 1970 and established as a leader in metallography and material analysis.

G.H.A. Europe S.r.l. was established following the acquisition of the license, valid throughout the European Community, of Japanese Patent No. EP1207220.

GHA® treatment is a technology applicable to the surfaces of all aluminum-based alloys and is a special anodic oxidation treatment with a thickness ranging from 5 to 200 μm followed by a microporosity sealing with silver ions (Ag +).

The treatment is suitable for a variety of applications, from mechanics to food, pharmaceutical, accessory and healthcare industries.

The most important advantages of the treatment are related to high resistance to abrasive wear and corrosion, anti-static properties, disposal and antibacterial properties.

Thanks to the ionic silver, the treatment has bactericidal effects compared to the most common and dangerous bacteria, even in the most extreme conditions.

For all these unique features our technology has already been adopted by important Italian and foreign companies such as IMA, TETRAPAK, ING. POLIN, JAC, GEA Group, Prodieco and many more.

G.H.A. Europe has also developed a line of products for healthy, bacteria-free and without supplies, the “Taste & Healthy Line“, which include:

  • The Healthy Cookware
  • SQUISITA Coffee machine
  • Healthy Baking pan
  • Healthy Pizza peel
  • Various food containers

These products are highly innovative and  give a real and effective response to all those who, looking after their body’s health and healthy eating and often turning to biological, are looking for kitchen utensils that do not alterate the foods during the cooking process.