Anodic oxidation is an application to aluminum and its alloys, useful in improving mechanical performance and corrosion resistance of what is lightweight, easily workable and relatively low cost.

G.H.A.® (Technical data)
Anodic oxidation with addition of Ag + ions with high mechanical performance, anti-corrosion and antibacterial properties.

Both for the G.H.A. oxidation and for all the treatments we have, we have the ability to perform a high-performance anticorrosion fixation. You can request information from the Contacts section, with the possibility of performing samples to be tested.

Classic hard anodic oxidation, typical surface treatment of aluminum designed to improve the mechanical performance of the surfaces. In our PLANT 3 we have the possibility to execute a hard oxide at low temperatures (up to -5 ° C), that can guarantee high superficiality.

ARCHITECTURAL OXIDE                                                         
Low-anodic oxidation, generally used to protect surfaces from corrosion and spontaneous oxidation.

Oxidation to higher thickness than architectural, with the possibility of keeping the light color of the details.